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Black--Mountain's Profile Picture
Welcome To Black Mountain
United Kingdom
Welcome to Black Mountain,
an island filled with lost souls seeking retribution or redemption,
ensnaring the unwary visitor with intrigue, feud and lunacy…
where infernal creatures scurry through mazes of abandoned mines
and savage eyes glint from the inky depths of Renshaw Forest.
Once you set foot on its cursed soil your soul will be tainted…
and there is no escape…

Welcome To Black Mountain is an online supernatural graphic novel series. In the coming months there will be a web series starting as well. Feel free to join the Island community, leave your comments and help me build it into something great.

Instagram by Th3EmOo…

Twitter by Th3EmOo

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Wattpad by Th3EmOo…



The Feast Of The Dead
She stumbled into a part of the maze that was filled with pumpkins, all carved with grotesque faces.

They lay at the feet of a scarecrow, but a scarecrow like she had never seen. It was not placed up in a crucifying style to scare off birds but stood more on its own feet, Thana felt frightened, but she was drawn to it.

She moved in closer while the candles in the pumpkins flickered. Its face was sewn out of skin, most probably animal hide she thought. It had no mouth, just two deep set eyes, one that was filled with cobwebs and two slits for nostrils. Heavy staples that were now rusted were used to keep the leathery face together, it had no hat and the straw that came from its head gave it a more feminine look.

Thana looked closely at its tarnished tartan clothing, she squealed as a rat crawled out of its shirt. “I need to find my friends,” she asserted before slowly retreating from the odd scarecrow.
The dolls are coming...
Dante cried out as something cold brushed against his leg. He could hear muffled giggles from behind the beds... he peered over the dusty bedspread and gasped as a myriad of dolls emerged from their hiding place.

Their glass eyes glistened while they stared at him. Their tiny feet clinked on the wooden floors as they jump off the bed..

Dante stared in horror as a much bigger rag doll emerged from the cupboard. Her buttoned eyes were huge, black and menacing. Her stitched smile revealed human teeth. She groaned loudly.. the dolls faces grew darker with every step they took forward, their eyes rolled back into their heads.

They giggled creeping towards Dante, one of the dolls threw a ball up at the light smashing it out of its socket plunging the room into darkness. Dante tried desperately to open the door. He could feel the dolls sinking their teeth into his legs and arms, sharp little bites like needles pierced his skin.
Catacombs run deep beneath the cursed soil of Black Mountain with many beasts lurking in the darkness.

The Barghest moves at an incredible speed with thrashing claws and a gnashing jaw... it snatches children from their beds, dragging their limp bodies into its lair it makes quick work of devouring them....

It's eyes are as black as it's pelt and staring into the soulless pair will wreak havoc on your mental state as it rapes your mind filling it with images of death, destruction and despair..

Some say they have heard the beast speak, calling to them while travelling at night... Legend speaks of it taking a human form...

Once it has marked you it will stop at nothing until it claims you, leaving sacrificial gifts on your doorstep or even in your home to let you know you are chosen... and that there is nothing you can do about it....

The Barghest seems to enjoy destroying its prey mentally before physically killing it. Prey when afraid may release a chemical in the body resulting in the meat being tougher and tasting different, a taste the Barghest clearly has become accustomed to.

But with this being Black Mountain there must be more to it than that.

The Barghest has been seen in Renshaw Forest as well as Black-Acre woods..

Maybe they aren't seeing the same one?

To read more about the Barghest and other creatures documented in the Islands bestiary follow the link below...…

Diego and Christian

The boys were looking to have some fun, but trouble always seemed to follow these two around. “Let’s go look at the abandoned mines,” Christian suggested, trying to make his voice sound spooky.

Diego’s face lit up. “Great idea,” he concurred. “To think, all those miners died down there.”

Christian nodded, “You mean were murdered,” he said with a mischievous grin.

“The Black Mountain mines had been abandoned for more than 300 years,” Diego explained. “After the fire broke out and killed the miners, a lot of speculation went down that it was a cover up for something much more sinister.”

Christian hopped onto a moped, saying, “I don’t need a history lesson Diego.”




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